• Where my imagination is rendered for the world to see.

    Welcome to BronsonHarley.com. Enjoy viewing all of the original designs, illustrations, sculptings, NFTs and animation throughout this site.


My name is Bronson Harley Boufford and I was born and raised in Hollywood, Florida. My love of art began at the young age of four and flourished over the years. With training in various art schools, I have been able to solidify my roots in the fine arts and then branch out into the digital realm. My professional background in graphic and web design, as well as 10+ years’ experience as a Multi-Media professor has allowed me to explore all the facets of technology necessary to render my imagination for the world to see. All my creations begin as pencil renditions on paper and are transformed via digital art tools into a polished product. Although I have a ways to go, I feel I have grown trememdously as an artist and hope to continue to grow and perfect my skill and craft. Here you will find my lifes artistic work. I hope you enjoy your visit.



Seeking to not reinvent what was already done but to dig deep into the mind’s eye to conjure up imagery that inspires and provokes thought Art has kept me enaged on a journey not to make a perfect piece of work but to find peace in making it.


Negative events in life are not necessarily bad. They are the scars and stories that make up who we become. One must always strive to use it as a lesson in life in order to grow. No time is lost in art as it is a journey to project your imagination.